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Best Lawyer For Tenant Landlord Dispute

Best Attorneys That Handle Landlord Tenant Disputes

As a landlord or tenant, it is vital that you enlist the help of an attorney when your rights are being threatened. Landlords deserve to be able to effectively manage and protect their property. At the same time, tenants must be allowed to carry on with their business and/or personal life without undue strain or illegal interference.

With over 75 years of combined experience, the team at the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton has a unique understanding of this area of law and its practical application. We have helped thousands of clients resolve their legal difficulties and can advise and represent you in your landlord/tenant issue.

Some of the areas in which a New York City landlord tenant lawyer from our firm can provide effective assistance include:

  • Administrative hearings
  • Residential and commercial evictions
  • Post- foreclosure eviction defense, both residential and commercial
  • Proceedings relating to housing code violations
  • Landlord defense cases
  • Lease negotiations
  • Breach of lease contracts
  • Condominium conversions

Why should I hire a New York City tenant lawyer for my dispute?

The Law Offices of Steven R. Sutton has extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in the pursuit of justice. This allows us to serve any type of client with the benefit of our comprehensive understanding of the law. We can often predict our opponents' actions and so prepare accordingly and we are skilled in executing strategic responses to defenses or claims raised by the other side.

When you are represented by a New York City real estate litigation attorney from our firm, we will work with you directly to ensure that we understand the specifics of your situation and the outcome you wish to achieve. We can provide a precise analysis of your legal options and help you make informed decisions. A precise address of any case is vital, as strict guidelines must be followed in order to protect your rights. Our firm is committed to providing this level of care, whether in NYC real estate litigation or related actions.

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