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New York City Real Estate Litigation FAQ

Answers From an NYC Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

The Law Office of Steven R. Sutton has over 75 years of combined experience helping clients in real estate law matters. We have represented countless clients with real estate disputes and we strive to always provide high-quality legal guidance. Real estate law can be very complex and overwhelming, which is why we find it beneficial to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding New York City real estate litigation. If you have any further questions or are still unsure about your current situation, do not hesitate to contact an NYC litigation attorney from our firm.

Frequently Asked Real Estate Litigation Questions

  • What problems can be resolved in real estate litigation? - The lawyers at our firm have handled all types of real estate litigation matters, including lease and sales agreements, encroachments on property, trespassing, landlord/tenant disputes, land use issues, contract disputes, easements, and many others. Real estate litigation can resolve countless types of issues regarding real estate, feel free to call today and discuss your specific situation with our firm.
  • Who needs representation in real estate litigation? - Any party involved in real estate litigation should seek experienced legal representation. Whether you are a buyer, seller, tenant, renter, owner or any other person involved in a real estate matter, our firm may be able to help you. In order to make sure that your needs and wants are fought for it is important to be represented by a skilled lawyer.
  • Can I settle my real estate dispute outside of court? - It is very possible to settle many types of real estate disputes without getting involved in litigation. Negotiation and mediation with the other parties involved is something that our attorneys have experience with. When it comes to disputes regarding property lines, trespassing, noise, contracts, joint ownership, and many others, we have seen success outside of court. If you are able to come to an agreement with the other parties involved, there is no need to continue on with litigation. An attorney can help you draft a written agreement and if both parties sign and agree to it, those terms will be followed and enforced by law.
  • What is the New York City real estate litigation process? - The process will be different according to each unique dispute. Real estate litigation can be a quick and easy process in some cases and long and overwhelming in other cases. When parties can come to an agreement before going to litigation, the process is much simpler. Once the real estate litigation process starts there will be a plea followed by pre-trial meetings. After all pre-trial matters are settled, a trial will take place wherein the court will make a judgment to settle the dispute. If one party is not content with the judgment they can file an appeal. After the final judgment is settled it will be enforced by the court of law.
  • How can a real estate lawyer help when purchasing a property? - Having an attorney in a real estate transaction can be beneficial in many ways. A knowledgeable lawyer is able to ensure that the property seller has a marketable title to the property. A lawyer can also make that all structures and assets are within the property boundaries that you are purchasing. It is also important to make sure there is full disclosure from the seller and an experienced attorney will be able to ensure that happens. Oftentimes people do not notice problems with the building or the area in which they are buying a property. A skilled lawyer can catch onto those things easily and warn their clients of any potential problems. An attorney can also help you with any paperwork or contracts that you receive and can be sure that your wants and needs are represented.
  • What other matters can real estate lawyers help with other than buying or selling a property? - Real estate lawyers can help with many different types of disputes regarding real estate. Any disputes between landlords and tenants, zoning issues, foreclosures, joint ownership issues, neighbor disputes, construction issues or any other dispute that arises after purchasing a property. It is important to be represented in all types of real estate matters, not just the purchasing or selling or property.

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